Flex BeltThere are 2 main players when it comes to EMS abdominal toning belts. They are the Contour ABS Belt and the Flex Belt.

They both function by using electronic pulse stimulation to contract and release your abdominal muscles, which helps to tone and tighten your core.

Both of these belts have some very good features, but after comparing them both I believe there is a clear cut winner and I think you will also agree.

When comparing the two toning belts for fit and comfort, the flex belt is considerably more sleek and can be discretely worn under your clothes so you can easily use it while on the go.

The remote is also small enough to allow you to wear it on your belt discretely. The contour remote is a bit larger and the belt itself is definitely bulkier. It will certainly be noticed by others when using it during your daily activities.

Both of these abdominal toning belts are suitable for you to use while watching television, walking, and most other casual situations in which you may find yourself. Both belts will also provide you with the benefit of strengthening and toning your core without a physical ab workout.

One thing you will find with Flex Belt reviews that can not be said about the Contour is that it has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration. It is the first EMS abdominal toning belt to meet FDA standards. There have also been many independent clinical trials that support the effectiveness of the Flex Belt.

One particular 2 month trial reported that the participants increased their abdominal endurance by nearly 72%. An additional 6 week trial concluded with 100% of the test subjects reporting that their abdominal muscles were much more firm and toned.

As stated earlier, both belts work by sending electronic pulses into your abdominal muscles which allows them to contract and release. The intensity level of these pulses is controlled by the user. Basically, the higher the level of intensity, the greater the workout.

The contour provides 100 levels of intensity, while the flex belt provides 150. This gives you more control over your workout while using the flex belt. The Flex Belt also comes with a rechargeable power source while the Contour requires Four AAA batteries. It certainly is much more convenient to simply plug in a portable charger than to have to deal with changing batteries on a regular basis.

Both belts are priced at $199, so price shouldn’t be a factor in deciding which one to buy. A 2 year warranty is offered by both products. However, the flex belt offers a full satisfaction guarantee of 60 days as opposed to the 30 day guarantee offered by the Contour ABS. Flex Belt is also offering a new flexible payment schedule for those who wish to use it. With all things said, it looks like the Flex Belt is the clear cut winner in this head to head match up.

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