Critical Facts You Need To Know About…

The following expose contains important information about the use and effectiveness of the Flex Belt. Before spending your hard earned money on any product you need to know the complete and entire truth. Read this message carefully.

Flex BeltThe first thing you need to know is the Flex Belt has been inspected and endorsed by leading sports scientists and has been cleared by the FDA. This means the Flex Belt won’t harm you if you use it. However, the FDA clearance has nothing to do with its effectiveness at giving you a stronger and more toned stomach.

Next, you need to understand what is meant by the manufacturer’s claim that “Flex Belt works for 100% of its users”. At first that sounds like hype and can seem misleading if you read it from the wrong perspective.

You see, not even running shoes can claim 100% effectiveness. This is because the majority of people that buy running shoes never use them. The same is true for the Flex Belt.

The advertisement breezes over the word “user” but that’s the most important word. The claim would be more accurate if written like this:

“If you use the Flex Belt as recommended you will see results…

However, you must use it as recommended.”

The recommendation is to use the it daily, for 30 minutes a day. After six weeks you see results. And yes, this is true for 100% of users. Even if you have lower body paralysis or back problems, as long as the muscular nerves are still connected, you will see results.

Another important fact that doesn’t get talked about in the advertisements is the price. This is not cheap. Even with the discounts for multiple purchases (which is common for married couples) the price isn’t low.

As of this writing, a single belt sells for $199.99. Two belts, with the discount, sell for $349.00. There is no free trial currently being offered.

With the price so high and the strong claims of effectiveness we’ve been discussing, it’s time to answer the most important question:

Does It Actually Work? Does It Really Perform As Well As You’ve Been Led To Believe?


Flex Belt ReviewsSo, you know the truth about its FDA clearance. You understand what the “100% effectiveness” claim means and you know the price involved. But we haven’t fleshed out whether or not the Flex Belt actually works…

To be honest, I sat down to write this review with every intention to rip this thing to shreds. However, the engineers and inventors that build the Flex Belt are doing a lot of things right. In fact, they have pretty much done everything right.

For one, the EMS technology at the heart of the Flex Belt is impressively advanced. The manufacturers have aggressively pushed this specific technology forward for the past 30 years.

Before this was released, physical therapists were using the same EMS tech to help injured patients who were incapable of moving their own muscles. The EMS would flex for them, keeping the muscles from atrophying and speeding up recovery.

The Flex belt itself is sturdy and strong. This was a pleasant surprise, considering all the ab belts that feel like they were made in a sweat shop. This may be the only ab belt that won’t break easily.

And if you do somehow happen to break it, it’s covered by a two year warranty. Break it anytime within that two years and you get a replacement free of charge. Plus (and this is a big plus) they actually pick up the phone when you call. Heaven knows how rare that is these days.

At first, I thought it was just another vibrator belt like the type that was big in the 80’s. Remember those? They would just shake your belly around, as if that would somehow make the fat melt away.

The EMS technology that the Flex Belt is built around is completely different. Instead of vibrating stupidly, it intelligently sends faint electric pulses to your nerve endings. These pulses flex and release your muscles for you. You don’t have to work to get a workout.

This entire process doesn’t hurt or tingle. It is a different sensation, but pleasant in its own way. When you finish, your muscles have that after-workout soreness.

I also have to give it a nod for its convenience. Jerry Rice (of the NFL Hall of Fame) used to wear one under his shirt to supplement his workout. The editors and writers at Daily Mail and Cosmo Magazine swear by the Flex Belt and use it as they work.

You can use it anywhere, at anytime and with complete discretion. Wear it in the car, at the desk or watching TV. You will see results.

And now you know the facts about the Flex Belt. It does work impressively well. It is not cheap. It is convenient. But you have to use it as recommended to get results.

You have a 60 day money back guarantee and a 2 year warranty. The customer service picks up the phone if you ever need them. Getting a replacement or your money back is easy and fast.

** Important Note (3-5-2016): For the first time The Flex Belt has put a never before offered flexible payment offer and an impressive video that shows the Flex Belt in action. I’m not sure how long this flexible payment offer and video will be online, so I recommend watching it now. Check it out at the link below**

Click Here to see an informative video and learn more about the Flex Belt.